Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vote Fraud

Instapundit links to GayPatriot's list of recent voter fraud activities.

Remove Connecticut and Texas and the list above reads like a list of the swing states in this election. Will the media notice how widespread is this fraud?

Sure they notice. And they hush it up, because doing so helps their guy.


Ellen K said...

The real question is, will anybody care. And that especially goes for the mainstream media. They have Obama elected and crowned, and yet there are some very serious allegations in many swing states. There's this type of vindictive attitude that justifies it and in the end, a fraud is a fraud is a fraud. Can an Obama presidency, with all of the personal allegations crowned with questionable voter rolls, withstand close scrutiny? When you look at the motions made for things like Motor/voter rulings that virtually allow drive by voting without much substantiation of identity AND when you consider the many times Democrats have actively sought to strike down identification in order to vote, then you have the perfect storm for a fraudulent election. And that doesn't even begin to get into the undercurrents that Wall Street is being actively manipulated to produce the type of economic woes that would make a nanny state president appear attractive to voters. Scary indeed.

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense that the corporate media is out to elect a liberal who seems bent on raising their taxes.

How was it, by the way, that all the "power" of the corporate media allowed Bush to get elected and re-elected. How can you spin your ill-considered conspiracy theory in both directions?

Wait, wait; no--I've got it: when a Republican wins, it's the will of the people. When a Democrat wins, it's the corporate media pulling the strings.

McCain's gonna do you a solid though. He's gonna lose by such a wide margin that you won't have to trot out your old "voter fraud" warhorse. And another hoped-for conspiracy theory will go swirling down the drain of irrelevance.

Darren said...

Of course, ignore the facts and go straight for the innuendo and b.s.

Good job, anonymous. "Long After Dark."

allen (in Michigan) said...

Makes perfect sense to me as well.

After all, many of the well-known names of the mainstream media display the salient characteristic of the liberal: the assumption of superiority.

To the chagrin of these self-identified superior creatures us inferior types periodically tell them to go stuff their issues and candidates.