Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Strip"-searched For Stolen Money

My question is: did they find the money?

DETROIT — Three seventh-grade girls at a school in Monroe were ordered to strip to their underwear while a teacher investigated the alleged theft of $42, their parents charge.

The principal of Trinity Lutheran School was placed on two-week leave and the investigation into the female teacher's alleged actions was continuing, Senior Pastor Stanley AuBuchon said Wednesday.

It's important to note that this did not happen at a public school.


Scott McCall said...

as some would say, teenagers are "stripped" of their rights at school. they don't really have a right anymore.

and some would also say that private schools are not bounded by the same limitations as public schools, because they are not government funded and thus, can basically do as they see fit.

.........again, my essay over the summer pointed out the power-trips that too much of school's faculties have

Ellen K said...

It's funny, people like to think all private and charter schools are havens of education and morality. I think that some schools are better, some are worse. But I have seen private schools that are very naive in the way they vet their employees. And frankly, in some isolated or fundamental type programs, there are actions that would be questionable in the worst of schools that are common occurrences.