Sunday, October 12, 2008

Republicans Are Being So Mean And Nasty This Election Cycle

I hear this over and over, and having a few elections under my belt, I have to wonder how anyone could still believe that canard.

Are you going to excuse such behavior, and claim that these people are downtrodden or disgusted with the way things are, or perhaps that this is to be expected during an election season and they're really wonderful people? Then check out this photoessay from January 2006, before the current election season even began, on a topic not related to this election, and try to tell me that with a straight face.

Behold, your betters. If only they could direct as much anger to our country's enemies.

Update: HotAir has a few more examples that should put this lie to rest.

Update #2, 10/13/08: Women especially should enjoy this picture (be forewarned about the language). Lefties, these are your "peeps".


Anonymous said...

Republicans never cease to amaze me...

Darren said...

I'm sure we don't. How dare we not accept our proper place in *your* world?

Anonymous said...

But what about the angry people at McCain's rallies accusing Obama of being a Muslim and insinuating that he is currently associated with terrorism? Or the ubiquitously reported gentleman in the crowd who shouted, "Kill him!" during the Obama and Ayers topic?

Darren said...

1. I do *not* condone their behavior. Neither does Senator McCain.
2. Barack Obama has not asked his supporters to stop acting this way, *unlike* Senator McCain.
3. There are a lot more people on the left who act like this than on the right. I live amongst the Left, I know how hateful they are. Just check out the photoessays at for more leftie hatred. Show me *anywhere* near as many people on the right behaving that way.

Ellen K said...

Darren-anyone in education has to deal with this type of action. Conservatives in my school speak in whispers, afraid of being outed. I honestly worry that my McCain sticker on my van could lead to vandalism or worse. And what is the ultimate insult is that leftists take the pretense that they are the "big umbrella" that welcomes divergent views. Well you were right, they welcome all views, just so long as they fall within the parameters of their agenda. So if you are prolife, or straight, or have a gun, or religion, you are just another germ to be eradicated. I am truthfully concerned that in the coming years the freedom to express my views now as I am doing, will cease to exist and conservatives will be moved to the type of underground resistance the French used in WWII-to counter their own Vichy government-which betrayed them to the Nazis.