Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Political" Teachers

This is certainly an interesting view about politics in the classroom.

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Ellen K said...

There is a difference between stating an opinion and campaigning. I worked with a liberal teacher who was constantly campaigning. So much so that she got into heated arguments with students over differences in political views and many students actively avoided her classes, driving down our numbers. But it's worse than that. She would constantly harangue other faculty members who opposed her views. She tangled with me a couple of times, but then figured out that I knew at least as much as she did and could counter her claims. But for the students, especially the really promising ones who left the art program because of her campaigning in the classroom, I feel we lost three years of students who would be advanced seniors or college students in major art schools. I have no problem in a person who expresses views on their own free time, but for any teacher to use their position to promote controversial political views, it just shouldn't happen.