Thursday, October 16, 2008

How the American Left Operates

Because everything for them is about how they feeeeeeel, with logic being completely irrelevent, the ends justify the means. Really, tracking down and publishing Joe the Plumber's home address? Getting into Sarah Palin's personal email?

These people are sick.


allen (in Michigan) said...

Nope. How they feel is important because of who they are: the natural leaders of humankind. That's why when the left edge of the political spectrum takes control, whether they're political zealots or religious zealots, the results are so awful.

There being no internal limits - remember, they're superior, the natural leaders of humankind - there's no limitation on their actions. Pol Pot and the killing fields are driven by the same lack of regard for their inferiors as posting Joe the Plumber's home address as throwing every scat they can lay hand on at Sarah Palin.

neko said...

I am absolutely disgusted with the way the Left is attacking "Joe the Plumber." Attacking McCain or Palin is going to be part of the campaign. They both expected it and prepared for it. But to attack a man just because he dared to question the "Chosen One." Despicable.