Sunday, October 05, 2008

Freedom Team Salute

A couple of days ago I received a large envelope in the mail. It looked like so many other solicitations for money, but I opened it anyway.

In it I found a letter, an army lapel pin, and this certificate:

No request for money, just a "thanks for your service". It's absolutely unnecessary--I was proud to play my part--but I'm happy to receive it nonetheless.

Update, 10/10/08: I discussed this certificate on an email list of which I am a member, and received a reply stating that active service members nominate friends and/or family to receive this award.

The lapel pin has found a permanent home on the lanyard holding my school ID card.


Law and Order Teacher said...

It's nice to receive a "thank you" for your service. Thanks for your service.

Darren said...

And thank you for yours.

Anonymous said...

An appropriate acknowledgement for every member of the Army / Guard / Reserve, past and present.