Saturday, January 06, 2007

What Punishment Did The Disrupters Receive?

NEW YORK (AP) -- Several immigration control activists protested outside of Columbia University on Thursday, calling on the school to punish students who interrupted an October speech by the founder of the anti-illegal immigration Minuteman Project.

Jim Gilchrist had to cut short a speech at the school October 4 after students from a campus club, the Chicano Caucus, climbed on stage with banners denouncing the California-based group.

A videotape of the fracas shows students shouting and tussling with Minuteman supporters, but there didn't appear to be any violence.
You can bet that if the "fracas" had been caused by conservative students, the word "violence" would be bandied about quite freely.

The university, whose spring semester doesn't begin until January 16, had no comment on the protest and referred to a December 22 statement by its president, Lee Bollinger, that stated students involved in the disruption could face disciplinary measures and that people unaffiliated with the school would be barred from campus.

University officials would not reveal how many students it has identified as breaking school rules during the incident, but said a dean will decide the punishment for those that did.

Why has nothing been done? It's been four months.

The Chicano Caucus has said it did not interfere with anyone's right to free speech and denied anyone attacked Gilchrist.

Of course they didn't interfere with Gilchrist's right to free speech. They were merely exercising their own.

Fascist idiots.


rightwingprof said...

Columbia has no intention of penalizing any of those students, and never has. It's not going to happen. If necessary, they'll either find some "activist" from off campus to use as a scapegoat, or find a couple of students to discipline, again as scapegoats. But only for show.

Darren said...

Of course you're right, and that was my reason for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that if it had been one of the many reconquista supporters speaking and average Americans yelling at him during the speech, there would have been expulsions galore. If you believe, as environmnetalists state so publicly and with great frequency, that our supplies of water are dwindling, our clean air in in peril and our ability to produce enough power is limited, they why would ANYONE support the uncontrolled admission of another million a year from the third world country across our border. Look at Mexico City-a city with one of the worst records on air pollution, water pollution and sanitation. And instead of taking the steps which we are facing across our own country, Mexico's government instead sends their impoverished masses across the border, to pollute, to consume, to create trash and to send American dollars back to support the Mexican economy. Mexico is supposed to be a sovreign state, but they run their economy off of dollars sent back home. And if you read the stats, most of those workers have no intention of becoming US citizens, which would subject them to taxes and federal scrutiny as to how they are paid by large companies. At what point do native Americans get to have a say in the situation. Here locally, a town is trying to create local laws that will provide the security and safety that are supposed to be maintained by federal laws, if they weren't being negated by liberal judges who think that eventually these illegal immigrants will provide a new class of voter desirous of a socialist state here.