Friday, January 19, 2007

Washington State To "Stay The Course" With Fuzzy Math

Washington State is run by libs, and no doubt those libs decry every move the President makes regarding Iraq as "stay the course"--said in a condescending way. While we haven't won a decisive victory in Iraq, a clear victory along the lines of World War II, there are enough counterexamples to the "quagmire" and doom and gloom cries that calling the venture a failure would be exceedingly premature (not to mention anti-American). Yet, libs stumble over themselves to state how we've done nothing right in Iraq, that it's a lost cause, that we've failed.

Why is it, then, that in the face of overwhelming evidence of failure, the libs in Washington State want to "stay the course" regarding their state math standards and the assessment of student achievement thereof?

Why? Because libs are as dogmatic as they accuse conservatives of being.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in WA state and maintain a website for an organization that monitors the school system and policies here. I thought I would post this video for you take a peek at...

Darren said...

Excellent content in that video. Thanks for posting it.