Monday, January 29, 2007

University of California Still Tries To Flout the Law

I love it when the title of an article is crystal clear while at the same time politically incorrect:

Elites to Anti-Affirmative-Action Voters: Drop Dead

In 1996, Californians voted to ban race and gender preferences in government and education. Ten years later, the chancellor of the state-funded University of California at Berkeley, Robert Birgeneau, announced a new Vice Chancellorship for Equity and Inclusion, charged with making Berkeley more “inclusive” and “less hostile” to “underrepresented minority . . . groups.” This move is just the latest expression of the University of California’s unrelenting resistance to the 1996 voter initiative, in every way possible short of patent violation. Stasi apparatchiks disappeared more meekly after the Soviet Empire’s collapse than California’s race commissars have retreated after voters tried to oust their preference regime.

The last decade in California shows the power, and the limitations, of the crusade for a colorblind America led by Ward Connerly, architect of the 1996 anti-preference initiative. Without a doubt, Proposition 209, as that measure is called, has cut the use of race quotas in the Golden State’s government. But it has also exposed the contempt of the elites, above all in education, for the popular will. “Diversity”—meaning socially engineered racial proportionality (boldface mine--Darren)—is now the only official ideology of the education behemoth, and California shows what happens when that ideology comes into conflict with the law.

Those are just the first two paragraphs, and it gets better from there. Go read the whole thing.

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I LOVE City Journal! Since they are a quarterly magazine, I have a lot of trouble waiting for the next issue to come out. When the season changes, you will find me clicking there every day and wondering, will this be the day of the new issue?