Monday, January 01, 2007

Teenage Graffiti Nothing New

Apparently, much cave-art was done by teenage males. Any guesses what they were drawing?

Men and women and boys and girls of all ages left their marks, but statistically, teenage males dominated...

"Lots of the wild animals in the caves have spears in them and blood coming out of their mouths and everything that a hunter would be familiar with," Guthrie told LiveScience. "These were the Ferraris and football games of their time. They painted what was on their minds."

And as with modern teenagers, the ancients had more on their minds than just cars and sports.

"In the graffiti, there is a lot of below-the-belt-art," Guthrie said. "The people in the art are predominantly women, and not a single one has any clothes on."

But these weren't just any women, they were Pleistocene Pamela Andersons adorned with ludicrously huge breasts and hips. The walls were also decorated with graphic depictions of genitalia.

Surprise, surprise! I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same =)


Anonymous said...

just goes to show the inherant traits that God has given each sex despite time and culture.

Darren said...

Are you referring to graffiti, or to a preoccupation with sex? =)