Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Streaking Is *So* 70s

I'm just going to give you the highlights from CNN.com's report. If you laugh as much as I did when reading them, go read the whole story.

• Student rubs body with oil and runs naked through school cafeteria, police say
• Police used a stun gun on him, but the student got up and kept running
• Frightened students huddled in a corner
• Taylor Killian, 18, is in jail, charged with inducing panic and other offenses

OK, I can't resist. Here's a little teaser:

Taylor Killian, 18, had rubbed his body with grapeseed oil to keep from being caught, and got up after the first time he was shocked to continue running toward a group of frightened students huddled in a corner at Westerville North High School, Lt. Jeff Gaylor said.

"That prank went a little farther than he intended, I guess," Gaylor said.

You think?


Mike said...

Greased lightning?

Darren said...

Is that what the kids are calling it now? =)