Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One More Task To Go Before Break Ends

A couple students earlier this year suggested I read Warthog, a book about the exploits of the A-10 during Desert Storm. I'll admit to not being the fastest reader on the planet, but after two evenings I'm over halfway done. It's quite interesting, and I'll certainly have it done before break ends.

A number of students brought me presents before the break. Today I wrote thank you notes to each of them, which I'll hand out next Monday. I think doing so sets a good example of politeness.

I went skiing on New Year's Eve, and didn't like my new ski boots at all. I was able to exchange them for a different pair, and the difference in price was only an additional $12. I'll take my son skiing this Friday; Yahoo Weather says heavy snow tomorrow with sun Friday, while the National Weather Service says snow tomorrow and partly cloudy Friday. It'll cost me $85 to put my son in the 5-hr Kid's Club but that's OK. He's enjoyed it when we've gone before, and it's great that we've found something we both enjoy.

So the only task I have left is to grade two classes' worth of trig tests.


rory @ parentalcation said...

The A-10 has a reputation for being a kick ass work horse in the Air Force. There are stories and pictures of A-10's landing with amazing amounts of damage, including one landing with half a wing missing.

I have never worked on one, but I can attest that even though F-16 and F-15 people definately respect its capabiities.

Darren said...

As a kid, the A-10 was the first aircraft I wanted to fly in the Air Force.

Anonymous said...

We started back yesterday....oh the humanity!

Darren said...

December 22nd was our last day at school, and we get two full weeks off. We also get Monday 1/15 off for Dr. King's birthday, and a so-called President's Week (Ski Week) in February.

You'll get the last laugh, though, when I'm still in school until mid-June.

Scott McCall said...

i wish the week in Feb was snowboard week for me. instead, im shipped off to washington DC to meet a group of politicians and FBI and CIA leaders. woopdy do.

Darren said...

What's that all about, Scott?

Scott McCall said...

i was planning on spending the whole week in tahoe in a cabin. but instead, it's the only time i'm available to go to washington to meet politicians. it's part of some program from like...1% of teenagers in the US who qualify. you have to be nominated, and then you need to meet strict qualifications...and i meet them. ya thats right, mr miller, i'm smart. didnt think that did you?