Monday, December 20, 2021

This Might Be The Most Disgusting Thing Ever Posted on the White House Web Site

This goes beyond "fear porn". I don't have a noun for it, but adjectives include "gross", "foul", and "disgusting".  At whom, exactly, is this statement targeted?  Since it's not worded to change any minds, I fear it's aimed at Biden's supporters solely so they can somehow feel superior to someone:

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The entire briefing is here.

This administration has doubled down on failure so many times, look what they're reduced to!  It would be sad if it weren't so dangerous.

Even by his own standards, Biden has been a failure.


Anonymous said...

What can I say? Truth hurts. But he's right. Anyone who could have been "convinced" to get the vaccine and has half a brain did so a long time ago. If logic doesn't work, maybe the guilt will.

Darren said...

So your point is that it's *not* designed to change anyone's mind, that it's solely for scoring some political points with the president's base? That it's pure political panic porn? I agree with you.

(BTW, you think this is "guilting" someone? Talking down to people, "I'm smarter than you so you should do what I say", is not an effective way to get people to do what you want--but you lefties keep on trying it.)

Let's go, Brandon!

Ellen K said...

Any time you create an absolute, you set up a fallacy. Not "everyone" can take the shot. A dear friend of mine who has autoimmune disorder cannot take it and has been advised by her GP and cardiologist NOT to take it. My daughter in law works out of her home for a big national outfit based in NYC. She is still nursing her baby in addition to having had shingles which can be a side affect in people who have encountered that. She works out of her home over a thousand miles away. Why should she have to get the shot? The narrative out of the White House betrays an utter ignorance in how vaccines work. Even our most common ones do not work all the time. Instead we should be working for medications that will help those infected. I believe we had some already, but Big Pharma wasn't making enough money from them.