Friday, November 05, 2021

I'm Off!

This afternoon I'm leaving for the Army-Air Force Game in Arlington, TX.  I'll arrive at the hotel late at night, and the bus leaves for the game at 8am sharp.  Guess I won't be getting much sleep!

I don't care if the Southwest pilots refuse to work again.  I just hope that if they do, they do it after they get me to Dallas.  I'll survive if I have to stay in a hotel in Dallas for a couple days, I'll be really ticked off if I've spent around $1500 so far and don't even get to see the game!

As I type this, the line is Air Force by 2.5.  If Army wins, we keep the Commander-in-Chief's trophy no matter the outcome of the Army-Navy Game.  If Air Force wins, they'll get the trophy.

The two prettiest words in the English language are:  TOUCHDOWN, ARMY!  I hope they're announced throughout the stadium many times on Saturday.

Beat Air Force!

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ObieJuan said...

What a game!!! Congrats to Army!