Friday, November 09, 2018

Why I'm Not Working Today

Today is a "professional development" day.  The training is optional, but so is the pay.  Since our district is going all in for so-called equity, the training sessions are essentially excuses for why certain students don't learn.  And because I'm tired of being told that my lack of teaching ability is the reason kids of certain racial/ethnic groups don't do as well in school in others, I decided the money just isn't worth it.


Mr. W said...

Darren it's clear why some of your students struggle. It's your male white privilege. And it's sad that you can't recognize it so your students can be more successful. :-)

That sums it up right?

Darren said...

That's pretty much what was put out in the sessions yesterday.

Ellen K said...

I swear some vendor is printing out these blanket statements. We had an entire speil on Kindness and how we should be kind so students will learn from our models. We had a speaker come to talk to the students. They have been so much worse since that session In fact, and I am not proud of this, one of my classes has become so disgusting and obnoxious in spite of every trick in the book, I'm not going to school tomorrow. I have plenty of days I never used and frankly the stress is making me sick. I have never had such an entitled, mean group of students in the 19 years I've been at this school.