Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Last day

The weather ran the gamut again today; this time, though, the snow stuck on the ground in Reykjavik.  I've been wearing this rabbit skin hat I brought to keep my head warm, but I don't really like it.  So I bought an Iceland beanie with fleece inside :)

There's a cemetery between the hotel and the main downtown district.  We've walked through it a couple times.  This morning, before the snow fell, I caught a glimpse of this 19th Century (?) headstone with runes on it.  Very cool.
I'll post more pictures and video when I get home, when I have access to what's on my phone. Great trip (except for not seeing the Northern Lights). Bus picks us up to take us to the airport just after lunch tomorrow (it's 10:44 pm here right now).

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