Sunday, November 25, 2012

Must Be An Election Year

I have received my agency rebate check from CTA, and this year it's over $400.  Since my usual rebate is just over $300, the teachers unions must have gone crazy in non-chargeable expenses (i.e., expenses not related to representation and collective bargaining) this year.  The election a few weeks ago explains this handily.

The rebate percentages this year are:
NEA 60% (in other words, they admit to spending 60% of their money on expenses not related to representing teachers or in pursuit of collective bargaining)
CTA 34.6%
Local union 34.6%

I'll use about half of this rebate money to join the Association of American Educators for another year.

If you're a California teacher interested in becoming an agency fee payer and getting a similar rebate each year, visit the appropriate page of the web site of the California Teachers Empowerment Network at  If you still have questions, let me know here or contact CTEN directly.

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