Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Kids Are All Right

Today I received an email from a former student (and infrequent reader/commenter) of mine. He's received his Congressional nomination to West Point! I have one former student who's currently a senior at Air Force and two former students who are midshipmen at Navy. It would be nice if I could take some small amount of credit for their choices, but I have no doubt that all I did was encourage them as they found their own paths.

In a similar vein, here's another young man who has his head on straight:

Hackett High School senior Tom Ankenbauer is such a good student, he was invited to both West Point and the Air Force Academy.

He has now made a choice.

He has chosen West Point because his ambition is to lead infantry.

Good choice, Mr. Ankenbauer.

Last weekend I ran into another former student. He informed me that he's in the middle of the application process and expects to start the California Highway Patrol Academy this June.


Dan Edwards said...

It is always nice to hear of former students doing well and progressing nicely with their lives.

Dustin Stetina said...

You'll be having another student in the CHP academy, in about two years.

(Hint hint)

loonyhiker said...

I love hearing success stories from former students. It makes me feel like I have made a difference.