Saturday, June 02, 2018

My Picture Next To That Of The NEA President!

The horror.  The horror!  :-)

Long-time readers might remember that I modified my travel plans this past February and, instead of coming directly home from Iceland, diverted to DC in order to be at the Supreme Court on the day Mark Janus' case was heard.  The next morning a few of us had some interviews planned, then I stopped by the Air and Space Museum annex at Dulles before boarding my flight home.

There were several outlets represented at the interview, including Reason and The 74 Million.  The article at the first link above stems from that interview.  Yet again, it shows that I'm not anti-union, but I am anti-forced-union and anti-bad-union:
Leaving state and national affiliates could mean lower dues and better contract outcomes, said Darren Miller, a high school math teacher in suburban Sacramento, also a plaintiff in the Yohn lawsuit.

“We could hire the best labor law attorney firm … as opposed to having marginally trained teachers up against district accountants and attorneys. I think disaffiliation would be a net benefit for teachers,” he said.
I discussed this idea over a decade ago with a far-left-leaning teacher at my school, and we agreed on it!

But back to the picture.  A friend has been razzing me this afternoon by sending out the link, with the photo in question prominently displayed at the top of the story, with the email subject line "Rare photo of a CTENer and a union president side by side!"

Quelle horreur, indeed.


LeftCoastRef said...

I have told my local union reps for the last 4 years, If you can find me a way to NOT be a member of the CTA and NEA, I would be a member of the local. It makes ZERO sense for me to be a member of the LeftWing CTA and the wacko's at NEA. I hope the result is what we expect in Janus. Have you heard about the Class-Action lawsuits waiting in the wings to recover past forced-union agency fee payer dues? Those could be EXTREMELY detrimental to the CTA coffers.

Darren said...

I have not heard of such suits. I won't comment on my guesses as to the likelihood of success of such suits.