Monday, November 27, 2017

Nerds Of The World, Unite!

I'm not the only Star Trek fan at school.  One of our other teachers, in his spare time, makes Star Trek models.  He even has a couple in his classroom, and they're way cool.

Today he showed up with one for me:  a 1:350 scale model of a Constitution-class starship.  It's not a Federation, ship, however.  Look at the insignia.

That's right, it's a Mirror Universe starship!  And how appropriate that today, for the first time in forever, I wore a goatee.  Mirror Universe Spock!  For the Empire!

You can't tell from the pictures, but this model is about 30" long.  So many tiny lights that light up!  This is a true work of craftsmanship.


Mrs. Widget said...

consider the continuation of that episode.

Darren said...

Mrs. Widget, I shall consider it :-)> (that's a goatee under the mouth)

Which continuation? I didn't much like the DS9 episodes of the mirror universe, but one of the few Enterprise episodes I liked was In A Mirror, Darkly.

Mike Thiac said...

Can he make you an agonizer next?

Mrs. Widget said...

I thought I posted a link. A fan episode on what happens after Kirk leaves the mirror universe. Spock has the beard.