Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why Do Lefties Hate Men So Much, Especially Men In College?

Are there any legitimate statistics out there--I don't know, say from the FBI or something--showing that college males are even slightly more prone to commit rape or sexual assault than are men in their age cohort who are not in college?  I wonder why only college students are held to the "yes means yes" standard (he said, she said, anyone?), why only college students are accused in non-legal kangaroo courts without due process protections, why only college students will now have accusations (not legal convictions) held against them when they try to attend other colleges:
One would like to believe that any college student found responsible for sexual assault was actually responsible for the crime. But far too often on college campuses, students are being branded as rapists because of campus kangaroo courts that ignore due process and, under pressure from the government, find students responsible regardless of the evidence.

Now, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D-Calif., says she plans to introduce legislation that would ensure colleges and universities are made aware when a transferring student has been found responsible for sexual assault or sexual harassment.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education points out that this would be an acceptable approach if the findings of campus hearings weren't flawed. But as Anita Levy, senior program officer for the American Association of University Professors, told Inside Higher Ed, passing on such information is concerning "when the original proceedings may have been severely lacking in procedural protections, and thus the findings questionable — even if that means some genuine serial harassers may slip through the nets."
Of course the person pushing this is a liberal from California. She probably won't be happy until there are no men left in our universities.


Auntie Ann said...

Every parent of a young man should send them off to college with a bluetooth-enabled breathalyzer (yes, they exist) and a smart phone with a camera. He should log his partner's alcohol level, and film her consent before engaging.

Either that or parents should tell him to use prostitutes and get a receipt.

I would think one could do booming business on California campuses arranging weekend trips to Nevada.

Darren said...

I can't find where right now, but I read this past weekend that some schools are making it against the rules (soon to be illegal) to record such encounters--so now how can a man *prove* he obtained consent?

PeggyU said...

Keep your pants on and concentrate on your studies. That goes for both sexes.

Ellen K said...

I'm willing to bet there are fewer rapes on college campuses than there are in apartment complexes catering to the same age group. Someone is fathering children out of wedlock-and although that tide is rising for all groups, when 70% of African American children are born to single mothers, there's a problem far beyond the false issue of college rape.