Thursday, January 07, 2016

Translation: Social Justice Warrior to English

Today I came upon this handy translator of common SJW phrases into English:
1:  "Let's have a conversation." = "Your opinion hurts my feelings and you need to change it."
2.  "Educate yourself!" = "I can't understand why you don't agree with the accepted narrative."
3.  "You are a racist!" = "You're white, and probably male, cis-gendered, and straight."
4.  "You're a misogynist!" = "You're white, and probably male, cis-gendered, and straight."
5.  "You're an Islamophobe!" = "You have common sense, which is, of course, a violation of accepted SocJus norms."
6.  "I can't be a racist because racism equals privilege plus discrimination." = "I am a racist and hate white people."
7.  "That's triggering!" = "Waaaaaaaah waaaaaaaah waaaaaaaah!" or perhaps "This made me cry, and I will throw a temper tantrum unless you make it go away."
8.  "We need a safe space!" = "We wish to reinstitute segregation along racial and ethnic lines."
9.  "Sexuality is sacred!" = "If you are not a SJW, all sex is rape and therefore you are a rapist."
10.  "This is an example of rape culture!" = "I saw a woman more attractive than...(I am)...and this hurts my feelings."
11.  "I am oppressed." = "I feel threatened by the peasantry" or perhaps "Let them eat cake."
12.  "I was raped." = "I had sex and later regretted it."  Remember, this is SJW speak, and they use the term "rape" in a much more figurative sense than the normal person's "I was compelled by physical force to have sex against my will", which really IS a horrible thing.  By the way, see the bottom part of this post for more.
13.  "Gamers are dead." = "Gamers irritate me."
14.  "Fat is beautiful." = "Every human being is equally attractive to every other human being, except white males, who are really, really ugly."
15.  "Jesus was a socialist." = "I'm a moron who thinks that a cursory understanding of religion fed to me by the media is more accurate than the beliefs of those who actually adhere to and study their faith."
16.  "Everybody should be equal." = "Give me money."
17.  "I was discriminated against." = "Somebody doesn't like me."
18.  "I think you're a Nazi." = "Everything I don't like is literally Hitler.  The undercooked fries from McDonalds?  Hitler.  The fitness magazine depicting attractive men and women?  Hitler.  Straight people?  Hitler.  White people?  Hitler."
19.  "I think you're a homophobe." = "You're a cis-gendered heterosexual who failed to praise homosexuality with every second breath."
20.  "That's cultural appropriation." = "White people have no culture, hence they steal it from everyone else."

OK, so you didn't like #12 above?  Here's just one example of it:
Two students expelled for campus sexual assault are suing their university, alleging racism played a role in their case.

The two accused students, identified in the lawsuit as Justin Browning and Alphonso Baity, II, are both African-American. They were accused by a white woman, identified in the lawsuit only as M.K., after an encounter at a party.

Browning and Baity were expelled despite the fact that every witness interviewed corroborated the accused students' story, and that witnesses came forward to say that M.K. bragged about the encounter as a consensual act. Not only were they expelled, but the expulsions came just two days after the accusation was filed, and campus procedures regarding sexual assault accusations were not followed.
Update, 1/9/16:  For those to want to pretend the recent wave of New Years Eve rapes in Europe didn't occur, or discredit anyone who tries to bring it up, here are some excuses you might try (and some lefties did try--see here):

1. It was a false flag operation designed to discredit innocent lovely immigrants
2. You can’t talk about these things because it encourages the ‘Far Right’
3. Rape is only a ‘thing’ when white people do it
4. Ooh look some cute kids! And they’re Syrian refugees!!!
5. Nothing to do with Islam. It’s because all men are rapists, obviously


Anonymous said...

Gamers are dead? Are you sure that this is a real thing because I have never heard this before. As far as I can tell, the only people who are irritated by gamers are parents who want their teens to focus more on homework.

Darren said...

Not being a gamer myself, I'm assuming it has something to do with the so-called Gamergate brouhaha of several months ago.