Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Switching From The ACT to the SAT

My guest post over at Joanne's today was about Colorado's 11th-hour switch from requiring the ACT for all 11th graders to requiring the SAT.


Ellen K said...

I have a question-perhaps you know the answer. How many times can a person take the ACT? Also, can the test be taken over a series of days? Can it be given on unofficial testing days with one proctor and one student? Is that even legal or ethical? I ask this because there is a student in our school that is on the sixth time of taking the ACT. The student originally took it with an all day designation with other students at a central location in a nearby high school. Now the student is taking it over four days-on Sundays-a week apart during Winter Break. The parents are quite wealthy and dad is a lawyer. Has anyone heard of any such convoluted administration of a national entrance exam?

Darren said...

I assume a student can take the test as many times as they pay for it!

As for the "accommodations" you described above--IEPs and 504 Plans apply for the ACT/SAT, too, not just school.