Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Justice" For This Instructor Would Be Tar and Feathers

Can anyone justify this?  Anyone?
A teacher at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro requires students in her class to write an 8-page commitment to social justice — pupils who take her class because it’s a required course to earn a K-12 teaching credential.

An assignment in instructor Revital Zilonka’s “Institution of Education” class tells future North Carolina teachers that “by the end of the semester, you are required to write your own personal/professional commitment to social justice,” the syllabus states.

The class mandates a list of feminist and Marxist readings, and students’ “commitment” is expected to be up to eight pages long and delve into how they plan to advance social justice “given the new understanding you have by now about society and education,” the syllabus adds.
I've said it 8 zillion times:  lefties don't really believe in diversity, especially diversity of opinions.  And they're all about compulsion.


Anonymous said...

The main justification, from a liberty perspective:

1) college is optional
2) attending UNC-Greensboro in particular is a choice
3) Majoring in that department in particular is a choice.
4) Requiring folks to write a paper taking a stance they disagree with is pretty common.

You couldn't pay me to go there, nor to send my kids there. And I think this is a total load of hogwash. But I am hesitant to say it should be forbidden; that opens the door to a lot of other forbidding...

Pseudotsuga said...

Of course you must add the latest educational campaign up at Portland Community College:
What fun that ought to be! All that guilt...

Darren said...

I'm not saying that govt should do something about this, but the school certainly should. There's no *good* lesson coming from that class.

Options/choice don't make "bad" things OK. West Point used to *require* chapel attendance every Sunday, from its founding in 1802 up until the late 1960's. Everyone knew about it, going there was a choice, etc--but it was still not only wrong, but unconstitutional.

Ellen K said...

When parents and students begin to "vote with their checkbooks" by avoiding universities and programs that are filled with bias, things will change. But as long as parents blindly send their kids to the same school they attended without looking at what is really going on-this will continue.