Thursday, January 28, 2016


Someone somewhere designated this week as some sort of Bacon Appreciation Week, so today in our staff lounge we had a sort of bacon-themed potluck.

We had spinach salad (with a goodly amount of bacon on it), a bacon-bacon-bacon pizza, little smokies wrapped in bacon, chocolate-covered bacon (don't knock it till you try it!), and a chocolate-bacon fudge.  I wasn't feeling so great last night and didn't have anything bacon-oriented to bring, so I did some bakin' and brought corn bread.

It was a good lunch!


Joe Heater said...

Ok, I’ll bite. I would hypothesize that there aren’t any Muslims in the ranks. Otherwise you and the perpetrators of this outrageous behavior would be accused of being culturally insensitive and sent to a re-education camp.

Ellen K said...

I like bacon, I just don't think it belongs on everything. It's gotten to be a family joke that every fastfood ad features a "new" sandwich with bacon and cheese and sometimes mushrooms or grilled onions. I like BLT's. With lots of tomato.

Darren said...

There is at least one Jew and a vegetarian amongst us. They declined to participate, but they still joined us for the meal. They can have their own likes and dislikes and views, but they're not entitled to foist them on the rest of us.