Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Racists In Tucson

From the Daily Caller:
On Friday, the Arizona Department of Education notified the Tucson Unified School District that its Mexican-American studies program runs afoul of a state law banning coursework promoting the overthrow of the United States government, racial resentment and ethnic solidarity.

State officials informed the Tucson school district that it must modify the coursework by March 4, 2015 or risk losing 10 percent of its state-provided education funding, the Arizona Daily Independent reports.
If you're a liberal, you're probably wondering about those white racists in Tucson who don't support the ethnic pride of Hispanics. But let's back the truck up a minute, as I was telling you about this years ago.

Here, almost 5 years ago, I told you about Governor Brewer's signing a law whose intent was to require changes in Tucson's program, making it illegal to teach racial resent or to advocate for the overthrow of the US government.

Here, three years ago, I wrote that an administrative law judge had agreed with the state public schools chief that the program was only not appropriate, but that it was against the law and must be changed.

Here, almost two years ago, I wrote that the 9th Circuit, widely recognized as the most liberal federal appeals court, ruled that Arizona's law was constitutional.

Yet the Tucson Unified School District continues with it's program.  Who are truly the racists in this story, as well as the lawbreakers?

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