Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Illegal Classes at School

I'm glad the ruling went this way:
An administrative law judge ruled Tuesday that a Tucson school district's ethnic studies program violates state law, agreeing with the findings of Arizona's public schools chief...

Kowal's ruling, first reported by The Arizona Daily Star, said the district's Mexican-American Studies program violated state law by having one or more classes designed primarily for one ethnic group, promoting racial resentment and advocating ethnic solidarity instead of treating students as individuals.
What was going on in those classes was quite different from what one might consider a "reasonable" ethnic studies class. Do we really need our schools promoting racial resentment and victimhood? I think there are plenty of other organizations out there willing to perform that socially corrosive "service", we don't need that kind of crap in schools.


mrelliott said...

So what was going on in those classes? This article doesn't have enough information to tell us how this class was, "...promoting racial resentment and advocating ethnic solidarity..."

We're they being taught how to throw stones?
Was one racial group given superiority over another? And, how was this being communicated?
What were the course objectives, assignments, and assessments?

I need WAY more information than this to judge whether this class is promoting racial resentment, or not.

In my opinion, this is just an example of shoddy reporting.

Darren said...

It certainly requires that you know the background information, which I've been reading for some time.

Imagine a high school class conducted by La Raza. That's essentially what was going on in those classes.