Monday, July 01, 2013

Trip Pictures

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To learn what this is about, do a search for the Pig War on San Juan Island.

Popeye, the Friday Harbor seal

British Columbia has a beautiful flag

This was home, at the Fort Victoria RV Park just a few miles from downtown

Someone didn't get the message about the name of this store :-)

At the Royal BC Museum I learned that we weren't the only ones.

One of the many peacocks roaming Beacon Hill Park

This is more orcas than we saw out whale "watching".

Special ops?  No, just going whale watching.

That's the Coho leaving Victoria behind us, on its way to Port Angeles, WA.

MV Coho, built in 1959 (as if you couldn't tell from its colors and lines).

The Olympic Peninsula, seen from the Coho on the way to Port Angeles

At Ruby Beach, WA

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery wintered in this tiny "fort"

Reconstructed Fort Clatsop

No, my trailer would *not* fit through the tree.

I, however, *would* fit.

Update:  How could I forget.  HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!


C T said...

As the grandchild of a non-Japanese man interned during WWII, I just want to point out that the USA interned some German and Italian Americans, too. [This is part of my ongoing quest to fully inform people about the nature of WWII internments - for national security, not racism - that began when my constitutional law professor stated in class that the US only interned Japanese-Americans.]

Darren said...

I used to work with a woman who was a baby in an internment camp. I now work with her daughter.

PeggyU said...

Happy Dominion Day, so I've been told. :)

Anonymous said...

The plan of Ft Clatsop looks exactly like Ft Mandan, where Lewis and Clark wintered near Bismarck ND.

Darren said...

I doubt they engaged the services of a different architect :-)