Sunday, July 14, 2013

Playing Games With Taxes

Why should tanning booths be taxed more to pay for Obamacare?
Why should phone service be taxed more to pay for Common Core?
The Obama administration may raise taxes on everyone’s phone lines by about $5 per year to increase K-12 tech subsidies because most schools cannot administer the computerized Common Core tests coming out in 2015.

President Obama announced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will likely overhaul the schools and libraries universal service support program, commonly known as E-Rate. He also asked the U.S. Department of Education to use federal funding to give teachers more training in using technology.

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maxutils said...

As always, the federal government has no constitutional right to be involved in education at all. But, as long as you keep voting foor Democrats and Republicans, we will still have to put up with whatever papp they come up with. I would urge you to stop, but it won't do any good.