Monday, July 08, 2013

Echo Chamber Liberals

No one really believes that liberals are open-minded, but they still try to tell us they are.  My latest data point that they live in echo chambers is this information from Gallup, reported in the Washington Post.  Note the percentages shown in the graphic from that link:

About 4x the percentage of Republicans watch Fox over CNN, but over 15x the percentage of Democrats watch CNN over Fox.  Throw in "leaners" and the ratios change to 3.6x and 21x, respectively.

Conservatives watch Fox over CNN by a ratio of 3.76:1, moderates watch CNN over Fox by a ratio of 3:1, but liberals watch CNN over Fox by a ration of 13:1.

Which party and ideology seems more willing to listen to the other side?

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Steve USMA '85 said...

Interesting. I listen to CNN all the time and my liberal friends are always surprised when I tell them. When asked why I watch CNN I tell them; "I want to know what the other side is thinking because I already know what I am thinking."