Monday, July 08, 2013

7 Education Myths

Absolutely correct:

Her seven myths:
1 – Facts prevent understanding
2 – Teacher-led instruction is passive
3 – The 21st century fundamentally changes everything
4 – You can always just look it up
5 – We should teach transferable skills
6 – Projects and activities are the best way to learn
7 – Teaching knowledge is indoctrination
No Child Left Behind failed because “American educators, dutifully following the seven myths, regard reading as a skill that could be employed without relevant knowledge,” writes Hirsch. They wasted time on “strategies” for test taking.

Hirsch fears Common Core State Standards, which he supports, will fail too if teachers are “compelled to engage in the same superficial, content-indifferent activities, given new labels like ‘text complexity’ and ‘reading strategies’.”
Numbers 1 and 2 are big for me; I marvel that anyone is ignorant enough to believe them.  Number 6 just drives me nuts.

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momof4 said...

There's an interesting post on on kids' opinions of projects, group work and discovery learning. They don't like any of it and the reasons given don't sound as if they object to putting in academic effort. On the same site, there's an account of Obama's very laudatory visit to an all-project-learning charter. Abysmally awful.