Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Need More Money To Spend On Social Programs

It will be a great day when schools have all the money they need, and the Air Force will have to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber!

Click here and on the spending by type tab to see that the military-industrial complex continues to devour our budget, and on the surplus/deficit tab to see that we definitely need to tax the rich some more in order to pay for the social programs that could finally make us a great nation.

Update, 11/15/12:  It was all a joke, I didn't really turn liberal :-)


socalmike said...

OK, Darren, are you just pulling our leg about the new "lefty" on the left coast? I read a couple of blog posts, and you have me worried. I hope you're just going through a stage.

Darren said...

I guess my writing isn't "over the top" enough for people to get it's satire. Perhaps it would be clearer if you read my Thursday Nov 8th post :)

allen (in Michigan) said...

You see, socalmike, all that "smart diplomacy" we heard so much about a while back, but oddly, not much about recently, can be substituted for the entire Pentagon budget. People who are very sure they're smart can be trusted to keep the nation safe because their intelligence, compassion, fairness and tolerance will see us all through any unfortunate incidents.

Those who claim to want to destroy us are simply upset over poorly thought-out U.S. foreign policy of the past. If we reach out to them in the spirit of fairness and tolerance, apologizing profusely for the crudely, ham-handed policies of the past, they'll see reason and we can all hold hands around a campfire and softly sing "Kumbaya".

After that all the icky, old guns and other weapons can be melted down to make Prius' and wind turbines. We'll all enter into a future suffused by a golden light which will go on forever.

No one will ever age, get sick or die and we'll have fun all day long.

Welcome to Never Never Land!

What do you think, Darren? Far enough over the top?

You know, the funny thing is that this - Never Never Land - really is what lefties want although they're savvy enough not to come out and say it. If they did the resemblance to Peter Pan would be well nigh impossible to miss or deny.

socalmike said...

That's what i thought, Darren, and i was hoping for satire, but i thought you'd eventually let us in on it. My bad.

Love it, though. Keep it up.

Darren said...

Since people are still guessing, I guess my ability to write *obvious* satire has declined in the past decade. Shame, too, because I did fairly well then!

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can keep up the attempt for a week.

Steve USMA '85 said...

If it means anything to you Darren, I figured it was satire from the get-go. Well done satire in my humble opinion.