Monday, November 05, 2012

The Election Is Tomorrow

Now, four years later, I get on board with the hope and change--I'm hoping for a change :)


Ellen K said...

I just want it to return to the values I knew, the ones most of us still live by.

Dean Baird said...

If by "us" you mean US, it turns out most of us voted for Obama in 2008. Predictions are difficult, especially when the future is involved. But reputable polls indicate Obama will win the 2012 election. And that most of us (US) will vote for him again.

Darren said...

Dean, you're as predictable as ever--you always twist what was said.

MikeAT said...


Prove you're not as gutless as the man-child you voted for. Your money where your mouth is.

Same bet Darren and I have had for years between the 49ers and Saints. One dollar.

If you want we can up it a bit, ten dollar gift certificate at Starbucks.

Darren, assuming Dean will actually spend his money (as opposed to wanting to use other people's money) would you be so kind as to collect my winnings and ship them to Texas.

OK Dean, let us know. Buck or ten dollar gift certificate (your choice, or if you're really drunk with delusion, both) on who is declared winner between B Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney for President of the United States of America, in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand One Hundred and Twelve.

Darren said...

You're off by 100 years, Mike :)

MikeAT said...

OK, Louisiana public ed-r-cation!..You got me.

Dean Baird said...

Oh Mike, please keep your dollar. Buy yourself a treat.

Four more years of Barack Hussein Obama in charge is reward enough for me.

Honestly, the desperation of your offer and the panicked anger of your bellicose name-calling just makes me sad for you. A tear is trickling down my cheek like I'm a Native American in a '70s pollution PSA.

You did make me want to go listen to Rush's seminal work, 2112, all the way through. I haven't listened to that one in ages. So, not a complete loss.

In any case, all I did was to point out matters of fact. No spin. No opinion. Yogi Bera humor was even tossed in to blunt the edge. The resulting knicker-twisting was disproportionate by any objective measure.

MikeAT said...

Dean, the silver lining in this disaster for American and yes the world is I can at least say I tried to stop it. I donated to Romney, put up a sign and a few bumper stickers, etc. So when you are paying 10 bucks a gallon for gas, hoping you get health care and suddenly you become rich under the tax code, congratulations. You wanted it, you got it.

RIP United States of America.

Dean Baird said...

To quote the name of a Facebook page I like, "We survived Bush. You'll survive Obama."

allen (in Michigan) said...

Say Dean, what happens when Iran gets nuclear weapons?

What happens when Iran fires a nuclear-tipped missile at Tel Aviv?

Obama hasn't exactly distinguished himself in foreign affairs so while the U.S. will probably survive another four years the same can't be said of Israel.

MikeAT said...


Yes, you survived Bush. I survived Clinton. The problem is the nation will not survive B Hussein Obama.


Funny you should mention that. A couple of articles I read I wanna say six months ago were on that subject. Unlike old Barry, they have their heads out of the asses on Iran and nukes. They know after Israel they may be the next target. Now we all know we are paying for the Iranian nukes because B Hussein will not let us develop our own oil resources, limiting the supply and increasing the cost (Dean, check out Law of Supply and Demand) As their nuke option they may dump trillions (yes, with a T) of dollars of oil on the market, making the price collapse. This will cut off funding from the regime in Tehran and stir up the young people of Iran.

We can only hope. And hops is not a plan. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

allen, not all of us are paranoid enough to obsess over ridiculous what-ifs all day long. I'd be interested to know how you would handle this, you seem like you're an expert on foreign policy! How much experience do you have?

MikeAT said...


Mistake on my part. The Saudi's are the one's I'm referring to.

allen (in Michigan) said...

If you don't have anything to offer, anonymous, why do you bother to post?

Oh, you must be an Obama apologist.

That would explain the desire to avoid the topic and transfer the responsibility for presidential decisions to someone, anyone, but the man who's been elected to make them. You'd pretty much have to try to do that or else you'd have nothing to offer.

By the way, who are you going to blame the day Iran does try to nuke Tel Aviv? Bush?

allen (in Michigan) said...

I was pretty sure you were referring to the Saudis Mike but while the Saudis do have some power to move the price of oil it's not anything like the sort of power you impute to them.

The Saudis export about 9,000,000 barrels/day - - versus a world export rate of about 87,000,000 - So the Saudis can certainly move the price of oil if they choose but how far and for how long?

Further, keep in mind that the Saudis have domestic problems of their own. The kingdom has a fairly explicit policy of buying off popular discontent with their heavy-handed rule with a welfare state that's the stuff of lefty fantasy. Free this, free that and free everything else is what's needed to keep the Saudi royal family from going the way of Muammar Kaddafhi and Hosni Mubarak. The Saudis can't drop the price of oil too much without running the danger of bankrupting their welfare state.

Lastly, what makes you think the Saudis haven't been buying off the Iranians as well? Iran's practically within rock-throwing distance of Saudi Arabia. There's lots of cultural overlap yet there hasn't been much of an effort by the Iranians to destabilize the Saudi regime. Oversight on the part of the Iranians? I hardly think so. Rather more likely is that the Saudis have been paying off Iran to *not* engage in the sort of thing they do all over the rest of the world and the Iranians are willing to oblige because the Iranian economy's in even worse shape then is generally acknowledged authoritarians being notoriously inept at running an economy to go with their equally inevitable corruption. So the Iranians need Saudi money to stay afloat until they can get the bomb. Then everything changes.

Dean Baird said...

"Obama hasn't exactly distinguished himself in foreign affairs"

Tell it to Osama Bin Laden, Allen. And the GOP strategists who knew better than to make it a topic of the 2012 election. Israel's not going anywhere.

"Yes, you survived Bush. I survived Clinton."

Which part of Clinton was the hardest to survive, Mike: the peace or the prosperity? I thought Clinton was the best Republican president of the 20th century.

All the Chicken Littlism bandied about here is a vestige of a tactic that worked in 2004, but 2004 is getting to be a longer and longer time ago.

The GOP can continue to lose relevance (by appealing solely to old white men) or it can move into the present. I can live with either pass it chooses. But please, hold onto those "bring back the 1950s" ideals, alienate women and minorities, etc.

The Shakers held true to their beliefs; I hope the GOP will, too.

allen (in Michigan) said...

"Tell it to Osama Bin Laden, Allen. And the GOP strategists who knew better than to make it a topic of the 2012 election. Israel's not going anywhere."

How about I tell it to Neda Agha-Soltan? Maybe some of the other Iranians who died making a bid for freedom while Obama dithered in the White House offering nothing but his silence? You want maybe I should tell them about Obama's splendid foreign affairs record?

How about the Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks and a bunch of other small nations that know their only hope should Vladimir Putin decide to get a little rambunctious is the U.S.? Should I tell them what a terrific foreign affairs president Obama is?

Ol' Vlad Putin thinks Obama's just a peach since Obama unilaterally pulled the Patriot batteries out of Easter Europe without giving a thought to those vulnerable countries.

Oh, and take your "Israel's not going anywhere" insight and stick it where you've clearly got your head lodged. Will you wring your hands expressively when the Iranians drop a nuke on Israel? How about an expressive "shyt happens" then, hey? More then likely you'll just remain silent or change the subject.

I can see why you support Obama. Both of you are of the "see no evil, here no evil" school of thought.

Bad things simply can't happen because that would be terribly inconvenient and the pretense that they won't happen is ever so much more pleasant, not to mention easier, then dealing with the ugly reality.

You know what's really kind of funny is that Obama's screwed you over almost as much as he's screwed over the country in general.

How about that peachy Obamacare, hey? Not quite the socialized, as-convenient-as-running-water health care you were hoping for.

Then there's Obama's pal over at the Department of Education. Arne Duncan still running around talking up charters, vouchers and teacher accountability?

How about the Second Amendment? Obama, and the entire Democratic establishment has done dick-all on that front. Got an excuse for that little oversight?

Dang but you've got a lot of excuses to come up with. Maybe you ought to get to dreaming them up instead of engaging in defensive predictions that are already, and clearly, untrue.

Face it Dean, the future has no place for you and in your shriveled, self-indulgent soul you know it.

Anonymous said...

Oh allen, so much rage. Does somebody need a hug?

Maybe this will make you feel better.

As a card-carrying Obama Loyalist, I'm privy to the inside info. I'll have to post this as Anonymous in the dead of night (so they won't disappear me). But here it is: Obama's been playing things close to the vest. Holding back. Compromising. Trying to come off as moderate. But that's all been a ruse to fool the electorate into giving him four more years. Now, with no reelection constraints, the gloves come off. The real Obama is soon to debut.

On Socialism! On Gun Control! On Climate Change Reversal! On Voter Un-suppression! On Tax the Rich! On Gay Marriage! On Secularism!

Release the Real Barack!!!

Sleep tight (in Michigan). Good luck on that hug. And thanks for the laughs! This comment thread has been a hoot!

-Driab Naed