Friday, November 30, 2012

Pop Psychology

We teachers are told so often about what "the research" supports, but I'm not surprised to learn that a lot of what passes as "brain-based" is really just neuro-garbage:
Pop neuroscience — silly and scientifically inaccurate — has spurred a backlash, writes Alissa Quart in a New York Times op-ed. Among the critics are Neurocritic, Neurobonkers, Neuroskeptic, Mind Hacks and Dorothy Bishop’s Blog

There’s a lot of neuro-garbage in education, writes Daniel Willingham, a cognitive scientist...

Teachers who know the most about neuroscience believe the most things that aren’t true, writes Cedar Riener, a psychology professor, in Cedar’s Digest, citing this study.

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Hube said...

My most hated words when at inservices: "The research shows ..." That's when the BS detectors come on full power.