Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Haven't Done A Wal*Mart Post In Awhile

I've long said that Wal*mart has done more to alleviate the effects of poverty than any government program in history has.  It seems the author of this post would agree with me, and it opens with the transitive property:
Liberals hate Wal-Mart > Wal-Mart helps the poor = Liberals hate the poor


allen (in Michigan) said...

I don't think liberals so much hate the poor as see them as props on the stage on which the liberal production takes place.

That's why liberals prefer their view of the poor to be from a distance since the reality's more complex, and generally less appealing, then the simplistic view liberals necessarily have of the poor - downtrodden but imbued with a nobility born of suffering injustice and an uncritical adoration of their liberal saviors. Why bother to understand, and come to terms, with an unappealing truth when a pleasing falsehood serves your selfish purposes?

maxutils said...

right . . .walmart stifles unions, pays minimum wage, denies health care, and helps employees get government benefits, because they need them. fantastic for poverty.