Monday, October 08, 2012

Your Online Presence Is Forever

There have been 8-zillion stories and warnings about this in the past but still the point doesn't seem to get across:
Results from Kaplan Test Prep’s 2012 survey of college admissions officers* show that schools are increasingly discovering information on Facebook and Google that negatively impact applicants’ acceptance chances. While the percentage of admissions officers who took to Google (27%) and checked Facebook (26%) as part of the applicant review process increased slightly (20% for Google and 26% for Facebook in 2011) from last year, the percentage that said they discovered something that negatively impacted an applicant’s chances of getting into the school nearly tripled – from 12% last year to 35% this year. Offenses cited included essay plagiarism, vulgarities in blogs, alcohol consumption in photos, things that made them “wonder,” and “illegal activities.” In 2008, when Kaplan began tracking this trend, only one in 10 admissions officers reported checking applicants’ social networking pages.

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MikeAT said...

In the academy our guys from Narcotics tell the cadets "If you see yourself in an undercover operation at some point in the future, dump everything now..Facebook, etc. These guys will find you."