Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tragedy of the Commons

I'm sure that readers of this blog are familiar with the concept of the tragedy of the commons--which, like most of reality, is a good primer on why socialism does not and cannot work.  With that background, go enjoy Professor Reynolds' anecdote regarding shiny bikes and "free bikes" at the beach...


allen (in Michigan) said...

There are reams of stories like this and the history of socialism is replete with failure, waste, cronyism and lawlessness. There's the gigantic failure of socialism embodied in the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite states. Bags of examples.

Yet lefties still hew to the line. They just loves it and are always looking for ways to inject some socialism into everything. The interesting question as far as I'm concerned is why that is? Why do lefties continue to look to socialism despite its impressive record of failure?

It's not like they're nuts or stupid although being a lefty doesn't preclude either condition. There's a reason and a considerations of the possible explanations for the continuing attraction of leftiosity are rarer then examples of successful socialist policies.

I wish Professor Reynolds and other conservative pundits, instead of continuing to belabor the obvious, would move on to a consideration of causes.

Ellen K said...

If you want a more detailed reason on why liberalism is failing us, consider what is being done under the guise of Americans with Disabilities Act in Texas schools.Remember, liberals always force the issue of fairness over what is appropriate. This year the mandate is to do away with content mastery and to mainstream ALL KIDS. So one class of 34 kids has nine severely challenged students. They don't talk, they don't read, they don't walk, they can't find their way to the class. The other 20 plus kids are simply expected to teach themselves while the one teacher implements sometimes as many as three pages of IEP mandates per student. It's insane. Here's my take...http://sumofallthingsaccording2me.blogspot.com/2012/10/why-teachers-quit.html