Wednesday, October 10, 2012

State Universities Playing Politics

I have to believe this is illegal--and if it isn't illegal it should be, and either way it's unethical:
Hundreds of thousands of applicants to California State University campuses this year will be receiving a warning instead of the typical warm note thanking them for their interest.

The spots they are hoping to fill next year, the prospective students will be cautioned, could evaporate if the governor's push to raise taxes in November fails. The letter also will say no admissions decisions will be made until a few weeks after the election, a departure from the usual policy of notifying applicants beginning in October.

The likely take-away: Vote Yes on Proposition 30 to help boost your prospects.


maxutils said...

It's not as bad as Brown threatening to take away school funding, but it's just as wrong. Although, I guess they aren't elected officials . . .

Anonymous said...


I'm surprised you haven't posted on how teachers in CA are being played as pawns in the proposition 30 game.

Appalling how so many can be so dumb: a large proportion of teachers voted for Brown, who thanks them for their support by using them as pawns in his quest to raise taxes.