Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Got Your Flip-Flop Right Here

Ah, the Silly Season, and as the election gets closer, the season gets sillier.

The latest mud the Obama cultists are throwing up on the wall, hoping something will stick, is that Mitt Romney is a "flip-flopper".  This when they support a guy whose position on gay marriage conveniently changed just before control of the House of Representatives did?  I'm not buying it.

Some people euphemistically say that every promise the president makes (every. single. one.) comes with an expiration date.  I calls 'em as I sees 'em; the man lies, telling people whatever they want to hear, and then he does whatever it is that he wants to do anyway.

What are some of these lies, or, to be charitable, these promises with expiration dates?  Here's a list.  It includes such gems as:
-No universal mandate in health care legislation
-Televising the Obamacare negotiations on C-SPAN
-Raising taxes on those making under $250,000/yr
-Recess appointments
-Border security
-Closing Guantanamo Bay
-Trying terrorists in civilian US courts

The list goes on and on....

If you're satisfied with the last four years, if you think the United States is better off now than it was four years ago, if you think we'll be even better off four years from now if we continue the same policies of the past four years, then you should vote (again) for Barack Obama.  If you have more than two operational brain cells, though, you'll cast your vote for Mitt Romney.

Update:  You want to talk flip-flops?  I got a doozy right here:
Since these comments on the sequester represented a complete reversal of the position he took at the debate less than 24 hours earlier, it's easy to understand why the President's campaign initially wanted to keep them off the record.
If you go with the "expiration date" theory, his "will not happen" statement in the debate, referring to the upcoming sequester, lasted less than a day.  Amazing.


Dean Baird said...

You don't have the bandwidth necessary to restate Romney's many positions on the many topics. Those seem to change hourly.

And all your wishful thinking aside, the polls are drifting back to their September state of an Obama Electoral College win. Romney could well win the popular vote, but who cares? He's got about a 30% shot at the Electoral College at this point. Down from a recent high around 40%.

Darren said...

Here's a sourced list of Obama's "expired promises", including one from *this week* that lasted less than 24 hrs, and your response is to attack Romney? Your loyalty to The One is truly strong.

maxutils said...

Don't forget his promise to revamp the war on drugs, followed by an accelerated offensive againnst legal pot dispensaries . . .