Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Travel Trivia July 3rd

I'm leaving today for a 2-1/2 week trip to Europe.  Come along by checking here each day for a brainteaser about my planned itinerary!  Here's today's question:  I have a 90 minute layover at an airline hub in Philadelphia; which airline am I flying?

(Put your guesses as a comment to each post--even if I don't post comments right away, the answer will show up on the next day's post)


Anonymous said...

Sadly...USAirways, a merge between USAir and America West. It's one really screwed up company due to the continual infighting between te pilot groups that have yet to be merged.


pseudotsuga said...

Uhh...Pan Am?! heh--I really have no idea. Looking forward to your itinerary and wishing I were there!

Michael said...

How about U.S. Airways?