Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Cost of Higher Education

I've mentioned a zillion times that I'm starting a master's program in a couple of weeks.  Tuition for the two courses I'm taking was over $3700, and two used textbooks were an additional $250, bringing the semester total up to $4000.

My program will take 5 semesters, and I'm sure tuition will be going up each time.  And this for a program delivered mostly online.



mmazenko said...

Year-long program. We meet three full-day Saturdays each quarter. The bulk of the work is interning, online discussion, and independent projects. $15K.

Darren said...

I could have taken the one-year route at National, Phoenix, La Verne, etc, but those seemed like mere hoop-jumping programs to me. I know people who've gone through those specific ones and all agree they didn't learn anything, they merely put up with the "haze" just to get a degree.

I don't want a generic Master's in Education (with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction), which is what's offered here. The program I'm in has me taking 8 real-life-no-crap math classes and two education classes. This is much more to my liking, even if it costs more.

And it *does* cost more :(

MikeAT said...

Starting this fall an 18 months (give or take) online program, 12K. Intelligence and Homeland Security, basically focused for police work. Eventually I know I gotta change from a patrol car to a desk and I knowing how dumb I am I'll stick to intelligence!

KauaiMark said...

What? no eTextBooks for an online course? Should be only $0.99/ea on the KindleFire.

Oh, I forgot. Limited appeal and they got you by the peanuts to buy from a single only source.

Good luck!

Darren said...

It may be an online course, but it's an online math course.

One of the books has an electronic version, but I need to take notes in my math books. Dead-tree-version all the way.