Friday, July 20, 2012

St. Peter's Basilica

There's no way to describe the enormity of that structure.  Even pictures don't convey it, you just have to go there.

Here are some pictures I took:
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 The view from the cupula top St. Peter's

 One of the Swiss Guards

 The bronze canopy over the altar is 7 stories high

I neither kissed nor rubbed the toe

 "You are Peter...", and those letters are 7 feet tall

To give an idea of the size, you can see the "Tu es" in the dome under the windows--and remember, those letters are 7 feet tall.  Look at the relative size of the people under the dome

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pseudotsuga said...

I love your inclusion of scale to help the viewer understand the actual size of these things. As a humanities guy, I understand and appreciate one aspect. But the math guy's inclusion of his unique perspective is really useful!