Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fist-Icon-Sporting Lefties

Do you ever see conservatives marching with signs with fists on them?  No?  Me either, but I do see that icon on leftie signs (even have one linked on this blog, but I won't link to it right now because I know the fellow who was sporting it).  So when I read the following, it definitely struck a cord with me--and of course, I like the main point of this article :-)

Wisconsin State Senate Majority is...

Democratic no more.

16-16-1 now, thanks to Senator Jim Cullen bailing out of the Democratic party.

Democrat John Lehman just barely defeated Republican Van Wanggaard in the June Mega-Recall, with results certified earlier this month and flipping control of the state senate to the Democrats.

After months of screaming, millions blown on recalls up and down the state, and boasting and yelling by every fist-icon-sporting lefty out there, the Democratic victory that was recalling Walker barely flipping the senate (when it isn't in session again until after the November elections which are likely to restore at least two seats to the Republicans) hit an iceberg today.

When the party regained control, Cullen, who had fled with the rest of the Democrats but was willing to work with Walker on reforms after returning to the state, was denied chairman status on any committee. He felt insulted, has walked, and the three-week-long Democratic majority is over.
So what did all that crying by the lefties and unions accomplish? Exactly nothing. Even worse (for them), they drew attention to the fact that the new collective bargaining laws are actually helping school districts save money--which also saves teacher jobs!

So, tell me again, why exactly should I be happy to be compelled to give money to a union?

Update, 7/31/12:  Cullen is back in the fold with his own version of the Cornhusker Kickback.


The fellow said...


Happy to help. Just google tea party fist (image).

Darren said...

You found *one*. Yay you :-)

Darren said...

Just hitting Bing with "liberal progressive fist" was enough for me, thank you.

The fellow said...

Do you ever see conservatives marching with signs with fists on them? No? [emphasis added]

Well, yes actually. Here's the proof.

Well, you only gave me one.

You planted your flag at "ever." Not "frequently." "Ever."

Not me:
Left-wing groups never use fist symbolism.

I know you'd never try to flip your real assertion into one that no one ever made... and then dance upon disproving that phantom assertion.

But here's another from a comrade in blogs,
The Conservative Brawler

Darren said...

I remember what happened to Greg Brady when he played by "exact words", but whatever. You know the point I was making, you know I'm right, and I'm happy with both of those, despite my exaggeration.

neko said...

I didn't like the the Taxpayer March logo when I first saw it, for that very reason. Poor design.

As for the Conservative Brawler logo, not really seeing how that fits the arguement. (But it has been a long day...) Looks like a take on Rosie the Riveter to me. Nothing like the fist usually seen on left-leaning signs and flyers.