Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finding a Husband at College

I've been focusing on travel-related posts for quite some time now, but when I saw this article on how to snag a husband at college I just had to comment:

On your first date, STAY CLASSY. A man won’t get down on one knee for a woman who is overly willing to get down on both of hers.

I think the "a man won't buy the milk if the cow is giving it away" canard to be *way* overhyped, but that's just my opinion.  I don't think women understand how much guys think about things besides sex when choosing a mate, and that ignorance is part of the problem.

And that goes whether this article was meant to be serious, humorous, or something else entirely.

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momof4 said...

In the mid 60s, there were many girls (we were still girls, then) on campus with the intent of getting their Mrs. along with their bachelor's. My freshman roommate and her friends had it all planned: get pinned by junior year, get engaged by senior year and get married right after graduation. It worked for some (including 2 still-married cousins), didn't work for some and didn't last for others. I wasn't part of that set of plans.