Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You've Got To Love The Double Standard!

As a former teachers union representative and member of our union's strike committee, I can tell you firsthand the actions that teachers unions consider when planning a strike:

1. protesting at the superintendent's and board members' houses
2. trying to cause as much pain as possible to students, our only leverage
3. finding out where the district is recruiting so-called scabs from
4. trying to identify the so-called scabs by name by targeting the area from which they're being recruited
5. videotaping (for intimidation's sake) all the so-called scabs

That's enough for now, as I'm sure you get the idea. These happy teachers unions like to get personal, and make life painful for those with whom they disagree.

But when the shoe's on the other foot, do you think the unions support being so forthcoming with information?
Conservative groups are asking for the names of teachers who called in sick during the Wisconsin protests earlier this year, and most districts that were asked have released the names. The Madison School District, however, has denied several of the public records requests, fearing for the safety of its teachers, and the state’s largest teachers union asked a judge to halt the release of names in two other districts. Presumably, such records are open to the public under the state’s open records law unless the government determines otherwise, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

You might imagine that the unions are howling at such requests. I wonder why?

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Ellen K said...

I don't like protests for the most part. Our local racist gadfly John Wiley Price used to picket outside of a Dallas high school where he would deride Anglo students at will and nobody could stop him. I wonder if the KKK could get away with that. Ask any graduate of DISD schools in the late 80's through early 90's and they will remember it. He even obstructed traffic and broke someone's windshield and got away with it. He's still a proud member of the Dallas County Board. God help us with such mentality in charge.