Thursday, May 26, 2011

Won't Be Trying That Again For Awhile

I get a little stir crazy sitting around the house, and yesterday it was raining (at the end of May! in the Sacramento Valley!) so I couldn't get in my motorized wheelchair/scooter and go for a spin around the block.

I've got a busy couple of days now. Today a former student of mine, who just finished his freshman year at Colorado School of Mines, is coming to visit, and tonight I'm having my 3rd Annual Dinner With My Graduating Seniors at a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant. Tomorrow a friend of mine from Long Beach is flying in to hang out for the long weekend.

Dinner out, and picking up a friend at the airport. What do you think I tried to do last night?

It took several minutes for me to contort and scoot and maneuver myself into the car, and then I had to position the seat in such a way that I could drive. Without going into too much detail, though, that essentially meant that I was, for all practical purposes, "standing" on my left (injured) leg while using my right leg for the gas and brake. My weight was on my left leg, not on my butt on the seat.

I took a lap around the block and returned immediately to the garage. It was uncomfortable, and it was unsafe. I won't be trying that again for awhile.

So mommy is taking me to meet my students for dinner tonight, and I'm trying to convince my friend to get someone else to give him a ride from the airport to my place (as opposed to renting a car for the weekend) or take a shuttle.

I'm unable to drive. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I hate being so dependent on others.

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Ellen K said...

Not to rub it in, but wouldn't you qualify for disability transportation temporarily? I know that many of those who have minor disabilities or are in wheelchairs or walkers can get door to door bus transport in Dallas. Surely they have something far more elaborate in California.