Sunday, May 08, 2011

What Makes America Great?

To conservatives, it's not government spending, despite what the president thinks.


mazenko said...

What makes America great - what has always made it great - is its strong basic institutions and a malleability that allows it to change and adapt to developments in society. Certainly, there was no Medicare until 1965 - that was related to need. But when developments led to a significant percentage of the elderly slipping into poverty because of health care costs, America adapted ... and remained strong, in fact becoming stronger.

The America in which Fred Lucas lives so comfortably and proudly is precisely the product and the result of that progress and change. Not surprisingly, a victim of the common disease of neo-cons these days is that he is unaware of it. Apparently knowing little of the Gilded Age, the simply geography that allowed America's greatness to develop, and the geopolitical reality that enabled it to prosper after 1945, Lucas rests comfortably unaware of what makes his life so great. He's like the manic-depressive that is feeling so good on medication that he thinks he can go it alone - Lucas seeks to wade back into the Gilded Age without ever having lived there. How sad.

What makes America great is a society of individuals committed to innovation and progress. It was a publicly funded infrastructure and education system based on equal access. That has not changed in 200 hundred years. However, the rising oligarchy and potential fading of support for higher education and infrastructure that puts the greatness at risk at precisely the moment rising countries are increasing the very investments that Lucas decries.

People like Lucas will decry the rise of China and the fading of America while foolishly ignoring the very investments that allow China to rise and America to fade.

How sadly misinformed some people can be.

Darren said...

Mazenko, anyone who disagrees with you is "misinformed", or worse--at least to you.

mazenko said...

Only because I speak of history, and the responses are nothing but bromides, reflecting a faith in a myth.

Darren said...

What a burden your intellect must be, having to walk amongst the ignorant, unwashed masses and not be recognized for the genius you are.

mazenko said...

No, not you, D. The other guys. :-)