Monday, May 30, 2011

What Can't Be Done By Fiat...

...will be done anyway.
The path to socialized medicine is painfully obvious. The government (state and federal) can drive up the cost of health insurance through mandates and other requirements, and then refuse to allow private insurance companies to raise rates to levels that make the business profitable. As private carriers exit the health insurance market, government "insurance" will be offered as the only alternative. President Obama is on record as saying that his intention is to drive private insurance into extinction over a ten to twenty year period. This purpose is being advanced across a broad front.

Do you really want a federal government that can and definitely will attempt to put legitimate companies out of business?


mazenko said...

That is absurd because it completely ignores the realities in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, France, and numerous other countries who deliver far more effective and cheaper health care than our fragmented system. Additionally, it ignores the bizarre conservative opposition to allowing the government to negotiate pharmaceutical prices for Medicare - especially when it's allowed to for veteran care.

This position is purely hypothetical and ideological - as all your posts on health care are. Some actual facts and statistics would be nice. You'll have to ignore most of the industrialized world with the exception of Canada and England to do so.

Darren said...

And I want to discuss the colors on the American flag, but I'll have to do so with the exception of red and white.

mazenko said...

Really? Just backing down with humor? You've been conceding like that quite a bit recently.

You could have just said, "Nanny, nanny, boo, boo."

But, I'll take the concession. :-)

Darren said...

But I won't take your bait.