Sunday, May 01, 2011

Taking Sex Ed Too Far?

This is one of those issues that will just never go away:
A Washington state mother has filed a complaint against her daughter's school district after she brought home a sexual education book...

"I start flipping through -- this is all right -- but then it starts talking more about sex, and I get into it and it's completely too graphic for her," she told

The book, "What's the Big Secret," which is allowed at the Oak Harbor School District, shows how boys and girls differ and talks about "different types of touching."

"This is one of the first that definitely caught my eye, talking about masturbation when you are 10 years old. What do you need to read that for? I'm not so upset about the book itself. I think they should be sending home permission slips, making sure parents are aware that the book is there," she told the website.


mrelliott said...

My high school biology teacher talked about masturbation, and this was in a private, parochial school.

We can shelter, shelter, shelter, out the wazoo in the schools, but the kids are going to get it on TV or the internet. And, whatever message they get will probably be ten times worse.

This is a situation where parents are screwing up BIG TIME!!! Rather than be so outraged, this is a perfect opportunity to sit down with her daughter and talk about the family's values related to what is stated in the book. This parent has taken a perfectly opportune time to share, relate and discuss with her daughter, and turned it into media hype.

Darren said...

It's pretty arrogant to say to a parent, "If you don't teach your kid everything *I* think they should know about sex, you're screwing your kid up." Better for the parents to screw up the kids than for the government education centers to do it, in my opinion.

maxutils said...

Do we really need to *teach* about masturbation?