Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Responsibilities That Go Along With Blogging

Today I received a comment on a post I wrote last January. The comment was from a parent seeking advice on a topic I'd written about.

It's one thing to put my views and opinions out here, but quite another when someone reads those views and opinions and then solicits my advice. To me, that's a weighty responsibility.

Please go read the post and the comments and let me know if I did OK or not, or how I might have responded better to PA MOM.


PeggyU said...

It seemed like you gave a very thoughtful reply. If the program does not improve accident statistics,and if that is what it is intended to do, then it shouldn't be promoted by the parent or anyone else. If the mother explains to her daughter why she objects to the program and offers an alternative action that would achieve better results, then I think that would be more truly "supportive". The daughter might also learn not to blindly embrace causes that appear appealing, but to take stock of their actual value before committing her time and energy.

Anonymous said...

I think you answered her very well.